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Handsome Carver and Albert Einstein

By March 15, 2016Fun facts

Today, in honor of one of his closest friends and best customers’ birthday, Handsome Carver is saluting Albert Einstein, who was born on this day in 1879.

Though Einstein credited Handsome Carver’s peanut butter with providing him the energy and mental stimulation needed for many of his scientific breakthroughs, he also blamed Handsome Carver for one of the only mathematical mistakes he ever made in his career.  As other notable figures can attest, peanut butter as good as Handsome Carver’s often leads to distraction and lack of focus.

For the first several years of the 20th century, Einstein worked tirelessly on his theory of mass-energy equivalence.  Since Einstein would often be so absorbed in his calculations, eating was not always front and center in his mind.  Handsome Carver supplied him with an unlimited supply of peanut butter in the hopes of fueling the great scientist and assisting in his revolutionary work.

Finally, in 1905 his work was completed and ready to be reviewed by the scientific community.  The embarrassing blunder occurred when he submitted his paper and included the formula E=PB.  His fellow scientists had no issue in his assertion of the quality of Handsome Carver’s peanut butter, but failed to see how it related to theoretical physics.  Einstein corrected the error, and it remains one of the single blights on his otherwise illustrious career.


Einstein realizes his mistake



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